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A comprehensive range of quality products that we sell

Trusses & Frames

As our name suggests, Trusses and Frames make up an integral part of our company. Rankine Timber & Truss have been producing roof trusses for over 40 years. Whether they are made from Hardwood or Pine, our in house engineers can provide you a quote and advice for all roof types.

Hardwood & Pine

As Queensland's largest timber yard outside of Brisbane, Rankine Timber & Truss produce all Hardwood & Pine structural timbers. Our expertise being engineered products and project supplies, with large sizes our specialty. We also carry out dressing & timber impregnation and everything is done with our local facilities.

Flooring & Decking

As we are all aware, far North Queensland is a very aggressive environment and these conditions can be detrimental towards timber products. Our local staff carry out on site moisture testing on all of our locally produced hardwood decking and provide our clients with technical advice meaning you get the right decking for your requirements.

Cabinet Timbers

Having sawmilled and processed cabinet timber for over 50 years, Rankine Timber & Truss has unrivalled expertise and knowledge to provide quality cabinet timbers. We have large bulk stocks of sawn, rainforest and other joinery timbers available.

Poles & Fencing

Rankine Timber & Truss have a full range of CCA treated Pine Palings and Poles for all of your fencing requirements. Whether you are planning to build it yourself or need pre-fabricated materials, we have the staff to answer all of your questions and the right products to supply.

Moulding & Plywood

Rankine Timber & Truss have a full range Pine and Softwood mouldings.

• Hardwood & Kwila Joinery Mouldings
• Treated & Primed Fascias
• Jambs & Handrails

As an added advantage, our normal pine stock is H2 treated termite protection for mouldings and specialist pine treated for H3 for durability.

Timber Treatment Products

Cabots - High quality, easy to use timber finishes for all timber requirements.
Intergrain - Premium project finishes for high durability and commercial finishes.
Koppers - Engineering grade timber preservation and protection products.

Contact Us

Contact us today and start reaping the rewards of dealing with a true local company with the experience to back up our products

80 Magazine Street, Stratford. Cairns.

Ph. (07) 4055 1031
Fax. (07) 4055 2599


Godfrey Road, Kairi

Ph. (07) 4095 8225
Fax. (07) 4095 8164

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